What does proximity sensors experience when they are being sold into market ?

In the automatic control system, the first of the system, the sensor directly acts on being measured, and can be converted in batch into the same or different quantity output according to certain rules, obtain information quickly and accurately, and can withstand the test of harsh environment, which is the guarantee that mechatronics reaches a high level.

To verify the stability of the Akusense sensor product, we tested the performance of the proximity sensor under various harsh conditions:

Operating normally under spray conditions:


Operating normally at high temperature:


Operating normally at low temperature:


It can be seen that proximity sensors can guarantee stable performance in a variety of complex environments. Today,we will take you into the manufacturing factory and reveal with you to see what the stable and reliable proximity sensor must go through before walking out of the Akusense sensor flexible manufacturing center?


Induction distance test: Test the test distance at 30V and 10V.


Consumption current: test the current during product induction and not induction without connecting the output line, and the consumption current shall be less than the parameters specified in the product. 


Power reverse polarity test: the current in the circuit is required when the positive and negative electrode is 0. We use the special harness to achieve the effect of the power wire reverse connection.



Short circuit protection: the power cord and output line short connection, test the short circuit protection function.


Delay: Test the distance difference between sensor action and reset.


Repeat accuracy: test the induction distance several times under the same conditions, and the difference between the two sets of data with the largest deviation was taken as the repetition accuracy.


Maximum load current + residual voltage + overload trip point:

The electronic load is set at 150mA, the product can work normally; the product in the output state and the load current is 150mA, multitest voltage in the output loop other than the load, this voltage is the residual voltage; slowly increase the load current, when the current increases to a certain value, trigger the short circuit protection, this current value is the overload trip point.


Servo motor interference: the product is connected to the servo motor power supply, start the motor to test whether the product is affected at the critical point induction (output indicator flash, etc.)


High and low temperature cycle: the product in the incubator for high temperature —— low temperature —— high temperature cycle, after 5 cycles to do the basic function test.


Temperature drift: The detection distance changes of the test products at different ambient temperatures include-25℃, -10℃, 0℃, 25℃, 55℃, and 75℃.


EFT group pulse interference: test the operation of the product under ± 2000V,5~100khz group pulse interference.


Electrostatic ESD: tests the product for antistatic strike capability under 8KV air discharge conditions.


Insulation test: Test the insulation capacity between the product internal circuit and the metal housing.


Protection level: Test the dust proof level of the product with dust proof test box (level 6)


Protection level: Put the product on in 1m deep water for half an hour to test the waterproof level of the product (level 7)


Protection grade: IP67 immersion test, water depth of 1 m, and continuous immersion for 30min.

Do it right for the first time

Akusense sensor always adheres to the principle of quality is dignity, strictly checks product quality with international standards, strives, and constantly improves the industry standards.

From the procurement of raw materials to the production of products to the final inspection and delivery of products, every link carries forward the spirit of craftsmanship, ensures zero defects of each batch with a high standard and zero tolerance attitude, and creates precision intelligence and quality sensing with ingenuity.

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