Lidar Scanners Application in AGV Robots for Safety Protection

With the upgrade of science and technology, and the continuous rise of labor costs, now we can see more and more different forms of service robots in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, banks and other public places, In industrial production, with the further development of construction machinery manufacturing industry, its production mode has gradually changed from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, and a large number of complete sets of automatic logistics transmission equipment and systems, such as automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system, has become the inevitable choice of construction machinery manufacturing industry enterprises And high quality lidar scanners are necessary for the use of these devices.


The LIDAR is a radar system that emits a laser beam to detect the target's position, speed and other characteristics using the time of flight (TOF) principle. The LIDAR system consists of a single-beam narrowband laser and a receiving system. Its working principle is to launch a beam of light pulse, and then receives the reflected signal from the target (target echo) compared with emission signal, the receiver accurately measures the spreading time for optical pulses from launch to be reflected back, then we could obtain the target information, such as target distance, speed, position and even shape

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With excellent performance and value for money, AS series lidar scanners have been widely used in AGV, here are some specific application cases in AGV.

The Service Robot Navigation

The autonomous navigation function of the robot requires automatic positioning and navigation in the known environment, and autonomous driving according to the set route, together with the ability to avoid pedestrians and roadblocks. Akusense AS series laser radar carrying SLAM algorithm, no need for other positioning equipment, it is able to meet a variety of field environments, according to the driving in the map that already built, driving while memory, learn and store a new path, in the same scenario, smartly select the best path to complete the task.

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Robots Inspection

AS-100C is applied to outdoor inspection robot. Featured with long distance, high precision, anti-glare interference (80000Lux) and stable use under rain, snow, fog and dust, the effective drawing ability of SLAM is improved through multi-sensor fusion algorithm and precise point cloud data collection. It can create reasonable planning of robot trajectory; At the same time, real-time data (up to 100 meters) are constantly updated to help the robot to locate effectively and accurately. Through self-learning, correct and adjust rountines through self-learning, the scanning frequency is 20Hz, the resolution is 0.05℃, the millimeter-level measurement accuracy and the heading error is less than 1°, so that difficult inspection tasks can be completed.

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Area Obstacle Avoidance for Large mechanical equipment operation

With long detection distance, it is especially suitable for large equipment, it plays an important role of collision avoidance, by detecting up to 16 obstacles at the same time.


In the dynamic operation of the machine, the radar can detect the presence of unknown objects in a certain range, which can send a deceleration or even stop instruction to the machine, so as to effectively avoid the collision between the machine and other objects.


Unmanned Carrier


As an important tool of automatic transportation and handling, it is more and more widely selected in recent years. Many consider using AGV car manufacturing and warehousing logistics, AS series laser radar carry SLAM algorithm used in AGV logistics car,  laying any track in advance is not necessary, it is convenient for upgrade of factory production lines and change the navigation route, a real-time obstacle avoidance, environment adaptable, it can better realize the coordinated control of AGV.

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At present, our laser lidar scanners have been widely used in well known corporations, we will continue to improve product consistency to meet more applications.

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