MR-T6N-40-LED Contact Sensors

1. Position repeat accuracy: 0.01mm
2. NT: 40mm, LED
3. 5-24V DC, NPN

Model MR-T6N-40-LED
Operating voltage 5~24V DC
Position repeat accuracy ±0.01mm
Range 1.2mm
Operating force 0.3N
PT 0.4~0.7mm
MD <0.1mm
Action frequency 120 times/min
Output type NPN NO/NC selectable
Output current ≤12mA
Current consumption ≤12mA
Voltage withstability AC1000V 1min
Insulation strength 250V DC ≥20MΩ
Ambient temperature -20℃~+85℃, No freezing
Ambient humidity 20%~95%RH, No coagulating
Material SUS303
Indicator Approx 100mm away from the main body
Mounting With M6 nuts, tightening torque 2N·m
Degree of protection IP 65
Connection 1M 3core cable

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