PM08-D03NO Cylindrical photoelectric sensor

1. Cylindrical appearance 2. NPN collector open circuit, L.on (into light action)
3. Diffuse detection, detection distance 30mm

Model PM08-D03NO
Sensing type Diffuse reflection
Sensing distance 30mm (White 30X30mm)
Return range <20%
Light source IR Diode(940nm)
Operating voltage 12~24V DC±10% ripple(p-p)<10%
Current consumption ≤30mA
Control output NPN open-collector output
Switch type Light.on
Protective circuit Short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection,
anti-interference protection
Response time <3ms(Action); <3ms (Reset)
Luminance With incandescent light on the surface of the receiver: 3,000Lux;
sunlight: 10,000Lux
Ambient temperature Operating temperature: -25~+55℃;
storage temperature: -30~+70℃(no freezing, no coagulating )
Ambient humidity Operating humidty:30~85%RH;storage humidity: 35~95%RH
Insulation resistance >20MΩ
Withstand voltage 500 V DC 50/60Hz 1min
Anti-vibration 10~55Hz amplitude 1.5mm; XYZ three directions, 2 hours each
Impact resistance 500m/s2 for 3 times each in X, Y, Z directions
Degree of protection IP65
Connection 2M 3core cable
Weight Approx 80g
Material Stainless steel

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