TH05-02PO Ring Sensor

1. Hole Diameter:<5mm, Size can be customized 2. Hole Height:1.75~2mm, Size can be customized 3. Detection capability:D=0.5mm;L=1mm 4. PNP, NO

Model TH05-02PO
Hole Diameter <5mm, Size can be customized
Hole Height 1.75-2mm, Size can be customized
Material Stainless steel
Operating Voltage 8-30V DC
Voltage drop <1.5V
Load Current 150mA
No load current <15mA
Leakage Current <10mA
Output Type PNP, NO
Switch frequency 2KHz
Detection capability D=0.5mm;L=1mm
Repeat accuracy <2.0% (Sr)
Switch hysteresis <15%(Sr)
Material active face PBT
Operating Temp -10℃~+50℃
Protection Short-circuit Protection
Protection Degree IP64
Overload trip point 180mA





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