KUM08-0307P Slot Sensor

1. L.on/D.on selectable

Model KUM08-0307P
Sending distance 3mm
Min length of label 2mm
Min gap of label 2mm
Slot depth 69mm
Slot width 3mm
Launcher Ultrasonic
Max detection speed 180m/min
Repeat accuracy +/-0.20mm(120m/min)
Switch mode Selectable L.on,D.on
Operating voltage 12~24V DC±10%
No-load current 45mA
Load current 100mA
Residual voltage <2V@1L=100mA
Response frequency 1500Hz
Response time 300us
Protective circuit Output short circuit protection, interference suooression
Operating temperature -5~+55℃
Storage temperature -20~﹢70℃
Protection degree IP65
Shell material Aluminum
Connection M8 4-pin plug
Weight 130g

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