ESC-18N Color detection photoelectric sensor

1. Color mark /detection type
2. NPN open collector,Selectable L.on/D.on
3. Diffuse Reflective, detection distance of 18±2mm

Model ESC-18N
Sensing type Diffuse reflection
Sensing distance 18±2mm
Beam size φ6mm/18mm
Output type NPN Open-collector, ≤100mA/30V DC
Switch type Selectable L.on/D.on
Indicator Motion indicator: Green; Output indicator: Yellow
Digital display 7 segments, 3 digit display(Red and Green LED)
Response time Marks mode: H1/0.25 ms, H2/0.5 ms, L/1.2 ms
Colors mode: H1/0.8 ms, H2/1.6 ms, L/4 ms
Time delay function OFF delay/ ON delay/ Single pulse delay (0~990ms:10ms; 1~10s unit:1s)
Light source RGB 3 color light source
Operating voltage 10~30V DC±10%
Current consumption 35mA(12V),25mA(24V)
Ambient brightness Sunlight≤10000Lux, Incandescent lamp≤3000Lux
Ambient temperature -25℃~+55℃, No freezing
Ambient humidity 35%~85%RH, No coagulating
Insulation resistance ≥20Ω(500V DC)
Impact resistance 50G(500m/s2),XYZ three directions
Degree of protection IP 67
Material Body: ABS, Lens: PMMA
Connection 2M 4 core cable

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