This product is a electronic thermometer.It has two modes of body temperature and object temperature.It can record 25 sets of body temperature data.It has high and low temperature alarm and automatic shutdown functions.

Model TF-500
Button Lifetime 50,000 times
Automatic Shut-down ≤20S
Measuring Range 1 -5cm
Measuring Time ≤2S
Battery Model DC3V, Two AAA Alkaline Batteries
Stored Temperature -20°C~50°C
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Operating Temperature 10°C ~40°C
Atmospheric Pressure 70KPa~106KPa

Measuring Range

Body Temperature Mode
Object Temperature Mode

Backlight Instruction

Object Temperature Mode :Green backlight
Body temperature Mode: Dual Color Backligh

Backlight Instruction

Dimension 152.4X102.2X41.6mm
Weight 95g

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