5-layer KN95 Face Mask

Model 5-layer KN95 Face Mask
Product specification 15.5cm*10cm Earhook


Package size :65x45x33.5cm
Gross Weight:9.1kg/CTN
Net weight: 8KG / CTN

Executive Standard

GB 2626-2006

Product composition

Two layers of non-woven fabric + filter layer + nose clip + mask belt


Opaque nonwoven fabric

Scope of application

It is used on the nose and mouth to prevent the spread of danger and respiratory microbes to open wounds, health industry, food processing, electronic precision instrument manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It can also be used for daily general isolation.

Instructions for use

Open the mask to ensure that the skin is dry, the side with a little tape is attached to the face, then the mask is placed on the bridge of the nose, unfold the mask until it completely covers the nose, and finally wear the mask.

Expiration date

2 years


a) The product is only for one-time use, please use it immediately after opening the package, and immediately destroy it after use.
b) Do not use if the packaging is damaged or has obvious contamination.
c) The product is valid for two years, please use it within the validity period.
d) The product is stored in an environment with a relative humidity of less than 80% and no corrosive gas.


It is forbidden for those who are allergic to non-woven fabrics.

Storage conditions

Sealed, protected from light and moisture

Production Date

See packing

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