SL-205NA Micro slot sensor

1 D.on (shading action)
2 detect the object light off
3 NPN normally open

Model SL-205NA
Shell Material L -Type
Slot width 5mm
Standard detectable object 0.8*1.8 mm
Repeat accuracy 0.025 mm
Emitting Light Infrared LED(940nm)
Output Type NPN Open collector, Normally Open
Switch Mode D.on ( Dark.ON )
Indicator When an object is detected OFF, No object ON
Operating Voltage 24V DC±10%
Current Consumption <15mA
Output Residual voltage: <0.4V( Load Current: 5mA)
Protection Surge Protection, Short-circuit Protection
Switch frequency >1KHz
Ambient illuminance <1000lux
Operating Temperature On:-25~+55℃ storage:-30~+80℃ No freezing
Operating Humid On:5~85%RH storage:5~95%RH No freezing
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz amplitude 1.5 mm in the X, Y, Z axis directions respectively, 2 hours
Shock resistance 300m/s2 , X-Y-Z each for 1 times
Wiring Method 1M/2-Wires cable
Weight ≈13.5g
Shell Material Material Shell,Cover: PBT; Emitter,Receiver: PC





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