AkuSense will be unveiled at SPS IPC Drives 2016

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As one of the top exhibitions on electric automation-systems and components, SPS IPC Drives has become world –famous since 1990.Last year, our company had the honor to make our first appearance at the fair with our best products, photoelectric sensors, ring type sensors of 3mm thickness (the thinnest one in the industry,) fiber optic amplifiers, and sensor testers, etc, which let European clients know China to the advanced sensor technology.

This year, we are going to show you an innovative enterprise with the world’s leading intelligence and precision technology at our booth 4A-453 for SPC Drives 2016 in Nuremberg, where you get to experience our creative products and services.

Sensor preview

Magnetic displacement sensors: the smallest environment resistant measurement sensors with resolution of 0.1um as well as communication function(NO.1 in the world)
High accuracy contact sensors: with advanced technology to make it cutting fluid resistant(NO.1 in the world)
Lidar sensors: with a scanning angle of 270°/360°, 40/100m, 1500-300rpm, IP67,class Ⅰ( Eye Protection, First Product Innovation of its kind in China)
Micro photoelectric sensors: employ small sized photovoltaic components customized in Japan; strong anti- interference(Leading Technology in China)
Micro proximity sensors: excellent sensitivity; square shape and cylindrical shape save installing space greatly(Leading products in China)
Ultrasonic fork sensors:detect viscous fluids, high repeat accuracy; integrate NPN and PNP into one sensor(First Product Innovation of its kind in China)

Booth No:4A-453 Akusense Technology

Date of exhibition:2016.11.22-11.24

Location of exhibition: Nuremberg,Germany

Official website: http://www.mesago.de/sps

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