Self innovation: maintaining the truth, sustaining self development, meeting up challenges everyday, expanding self potential without limits

Gratitude and concern: keeping the gratitude and caring attitude, treating people with courtesy and respect

Team work: maintaining good communication and harmonious coexistence, initiating the spirit of team cooperation

Go all out: pursueing all the possibilities, often with the best methods and actions to try hard


Pursuiting of customer satisfaction: always take customer's position into consideration and meeting customer's expectations. Pursuiting long-term customer trust and satisfaction

Fair and sound business engagement: compliance of social laws and regulations, with a high level of ethics, fair business practices

Improving employee satisfaction: respect for individualism, personality and diversity; establish mutual trust, mutual cooperation relationship; establish a "Dream" and "Pride" of the workplace

Independence of the management: insisting on the staff as the main body, independent management; growing the business to create our own happiness

Promote social contribution activities: a "good person" attitude, toward the social and various fields to actively promote social contributions

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