AkuSense is an innovative company focusing on industrial-grade optoelectronica and deep learning technologies.It provides sophisticated intelligence and AIsensing technology in strategic emerging industries such as 3C electronics,new energy,semiconductor manufacturing,medical electronics,and service robots.The application fields mainly focus on core scenarios such as high-precision positioning,deep learning,precision measurement,and obstacle avoidance safety solutions.The company was founded by two top industrial sensor experts with more than 20 yesrs of experience in R&D and production.The core team has gathered a droup of top scientists and engineere in the industry to establish a company in AI4.0(Accuracy+Intelligent+industrial4.0) Era uses innovative sensing technology to provide users with precision,smart and AIsensing products,and supports global users to become industry lesders in smart industry and the Internet of Everything in the Industry 4.0 era.


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