TOF Principle Type (PM18-TF、PX Series)
TOF Principle Type (PM18-TF、PX Series)
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TOF Type Photoelectric Sensor PX-F300PO
TOF Type Photoelectric Sensor PX-F300PO
  • Detection Method:TOF(Time of Flight)1-point teaching type
  • Detection Distance:300cm
  • Output Mode:PNP open collector
  • Repeatability:1.5cm or less
  • Response Time :Action regression: less than 100ms each
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Customs data
Detection MethodTOF(Time of Flight)1-point teaching type
Detection Distance300cm
Range Setting20~300cm(white paper 2 00*200mm)
Light SourceInfrared LED 850nm
Detacted ObjectOpaque objects above 200*200mm
Output ModePNP open collector
Distance SettingTeach-in method
IndicatorPower indicator: green,output indicator: red; When the teaching is successful: it is always on after the green light flashes; When the teach-in fails: red light and green light flash alternately for 6s
Response Time Action regression: less than 100ms each
HysteresisWhen the detection distance is 20~50cm,the hysteresis is below 4cm; When the detection distance is 50~300cm,the detection distance is less than 10%.
Repeatability1.5cm or less
Working Voltage12~24V DC ±10%
Residual Voltage<1.5V(load current<125mA)
Working Consumption≤25mA
Load Voltage≤100mA(24V DC)
Circuit ProtectionPower supply reverse polarity protection/short circuit protection
Ambient TemperatureWorking temperature: -10°C~60°C,no freezing; Storage temperature: -20°C~70°C
Ambient HumidityWorking time: 35~90%RH,no condensation; Storage: 35~90%RH,no condensation
Insulation Withstand Voltage±1000V 50/60Hz 60s
Static Electricity±4000V(contact discharge)
Group Pulse±2000V/5kHZ/100kHZ
Vibration Resistance10~50Hz,0.5mmAmplitude,2 hours each in the three directions of X,Y,and Z
Ambient IlluminanceIncandescent lamp irradiation≤5000 Lux
MaterialAluminum alloy
Outgoing Line2M/3 core cable 4mm diameter

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