TOF Laser Lidar
TOF Laser Lidar
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TOF Laser Lidar AS-21C
TOF Laser Lidar AS-21C
  • Detection Range:0.1m~20m
  • Size:83.5*85*104.9(mm)
  • Laser Safety Level:Class I (GB7247.1-2012,Eye Safety)
  • Laser Spot Divergence Angle:12.5m rad
  • Scanning Angle Range:300°
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Technical specifications
Size structure
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Customs data
Light SourceInfrared laser(905nm)
Laser Safety LevelClass I (GB7247.1-2012,Eye Safety)
Laser Spot Outlet Aperture8mm
Laser Spot Divergence Angle12.5m rad
Scanning Angle Range300°
Scanning Frequency25Hz(system default)/12.5Hz/6.25Hz
Scanning Angle Resolution0.5°(system default)/0.25°/0.125°
Detection Range0.1m~20m
10% Reflectivity Range15m
Outdoor PerformanceResistant to dirt and sunlight
Rain,Fog And Smoke PenetrationSustain
Measuring Error System Error (typical value)±5cm
measuring Statistical Error(1σ)±2cm
Monitoring ModePoint number monitoring/Target width monitoring/Contour monitoring
Monitoring Signal TypeAttention/Early warning/Warning
Number Of Regional Groups16 groups,Sustain self-learning background tailoring
Number Of Concurrent Work Area Groups16 groups(max)
Built-in ApplicationGuide the network camera to locate and track the monitored target
Equipment Self-InspectionContent: light transmission cover dirty/blocked/high temperature/low temperature; Output mode: indicator+TCP message
EthernetSpeed: 10/100 Mbps; Network protocol: TCP/IP; Function: equipment configuration/measurement data output/monitoring signal output
Input EndQuantity: 4; Type: switch level input; High level range: 10V~28V DC; Low level range: 0V~5V DC; Preset function: monitoring area selection (0x0~0xF); Area monitoring disarm/forced alarm,effective level: high level;
Output EndQuantity: 4; Type: PNP switch output; Output voltage: power supply voltage; Power-on status: off; Equipment ready (OUT),effective state: on (high level),area detection signal output (OUT2/OUT3/OUT4),effective state: configurable
IndicatorQuantity: 2; Definition: ERR (equipment alarm: fault/abnormality,light transmission cover dirty/blocked,high and low temperature,dense fog); HTR (operation status indication: detection signal/self-learning)
Front Panel ButtonQuantity: 1; Definition: shield monitoring signal output/start background self-learning/restart equipment
Working Voltage10V~28V DC
Power Consumption5W(measuring),3.6W@DC 12V/14.4W@DC 24V(heat)
Protection DegreeIP65(GB4208~2008)
Insulation Resistance1MΩ(GB16796~2009.5.4.4)
Dielectric Strength0.5KV(GB16796~2009.5.4.3)
Static Electricity6KV(GB/T 17626.2~2006,Class 3)
Electrical Fast Transient1KV(GB/T 17626.4~2008,Class 2)
Electromagnetic Field Radiation ImmunityGB/T 17626.3~2006,Class 2
Anti-surgeGB/T17626.5-2008; Power interface: 1.2/50μs,2KV/1KA(Class 3); Ethernet interface: 10/700μs,1KV/25A(Class 2); I/O interface: 1.5/50μs,0.5KV/0.25KA(Class 1)
ImpactGB/T 2423.5
Single Impact15g,11ms
Continuous Impact10g,16ms
Vibration ResistanceGB/T 2423.10
Frequency Range10Hz~150Hz
Ambient Humidity93%,+40℃,2h(GB/T 2423.3)
Working Temperature-25℃~+50℃
Storing Temperature-30℃~+70℃
Ambient Illuminance≤70,000 Lux

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