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Empower scenario intelligence, support users to be industry leaders.

Company Profile

Akusense Technology is an innovative company specializes in industrial photoelectric sensors and deep learning technologies,awarded Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).mainly focuses on the production of high precision positioning, deep learning, precision measurement, AI image recognition, intelligent industrial sensing technology and obstacle avoidance sensors and provides related solutions. We supply precision intelligence and AI sensing technology for such industries as 3C electronics, new energy, semiconductor process, medical electronics and service robotics.We have two wholly owned brands, AKUSENSE and MEIJIDENKI.
R&D team accounts for about 30% in our group,and the core team formed and led by a group of senior scientists and engineers who have rooted in this field over 20 years,with more than 170 core patents and 20 invention patents achieved continuously in recent years.New products launched rapidly each year and totally over 6,000,000 pieces of items have been exported worldwide.In the era of AI 4.0,we offer users precision intelligence and AI sensing products with innovative sensing technology,aiming to help international partners to be industry leaders.
Empower scenario intelligence, support users to be industry leaders.
Sense everything
Customer first, rooted in the aspirations of young talents, striving for mutual success, leading through innovation.
Quality Philosophy
Do it right at the first time
R&D Philosophy
To know how and why

Progresses We Made

Ultra-thin all-metal surface-through sensor
ultrasonic fork level-sensor
Iron (magnetic) sensor (domestic)
μm level high precision sensor (domestic)
connector slot sensor (domestic)
ISM2.4G wireless communication module
multifunctional sensor tester
360° inductive contact sensor
μm level contact displacement sensor (cutting-fluid resistant)
industrial LIDAR
Small vibration sensor (domestic)
industrial barcode reader (domestic)
collapse edge high precision sensor (domestic)
Digital analog tester
slot inductive sensor
ultra-thin BGS photoelectric sensor
Temperature sensor
color confocal sensor
new background BGS photoelectric sensor
Millimetre navigation radar
ultrasonic double-sheet sensor
All-metal cylinder sensor
P69K inductive sensor
Intelligent code reader
TOF photoelectric sensor
Ultra-thin thru-beam sensor
economical fiber optic amplifier
Precise deflection sensor
new obstacle avoidance radar
color sensor
smart image sensor
TOF distance sensor
Non-contact Microwave Moisture Meter
Blue Light Sensor
Compact Photoelectric Switch
Precision Displacement Sensor
3D Laser Sensor

Our Advantages

  • World-famous photoeletric R&D team with advanced technology and algorithm
  • Wide product lines and mature systems for achieving the goal of Precision + Intelligence + Quality + Innovation
  • Rich application cases, focusing on such industries as new energy, 3C electronics, semiconductor process and robotics
  • Products are easy to use with great reputation among partners
100 SMEsShenzhen top 100 SMEs in independent innovation
7 homeCooperation with 7 of TOP10 industry enterprises
70+ individualnations/regions
170+ core patents
20000+ homeNumber of users
240+ individualChannel Partners
260+ individualAgent Cities
600million+ pieces/yearAnnual shipment
core patents
20000+ home
Number of users
Channel Partners
260+ individual
Agent Cities
600million+ pieces/year
Annual shipment

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