Triangulation Measuring Sensor (MLD Series)
Triangulation Measuring Sensor (MLD Series)
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Triangulation Sensor MLD23-200NP
Triangulation Sensor MLD23-200NP
  • Detection Method:Diffuse Reflection
  • Detection Distance:
  • Repeatability:200μm
  • Response Time :1.5ms/5ms/50ms switchable
  • Light Source:Laser Class 2
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Technical specifications
Size structure
Circuit diagram
Customs data
Response Time 1.5ms/5ms/50ms switchable
Protection DegreeIP66
Light SourceLaser Class 2
Maximum Output Power1mw
Linear Accuracy±0.2% F.S.
Ambient Temperature-10℃~+45℃,no freezing
Ambient Humidity35%~85%RH,no condensation
Ambient IlluminanceIncandescent lamp irradiation≤3000 Lux
Datum Distance200mm
Temperature Drift±0.03%/℃ F.S.
Current Consumption60mA or less(at 24V DC supply voltage),100mA or less(at 12V DC with supply voltage)
Analog OutputVoltage output range: 0V~5V(When alarming: +5.2V); Output impedance: 100Ω; Current output range: 4mA~20mA(When alarming: 0mA); Load: less than 300Ω
Product NameMini Digital Display
Medium,WavelengthRed Semiconductor Laser wavelength: 655nm
Applicable SpecificationsEMC Directive
Input Voltage12~24V DC±10%
Spot SizeΦ0.3mm
Digital OutputNPN and PNP are optional,Maximum inflow current: 50mA; Impressed voltage: 30V DC or less(control output-0V),Residual voltage: 1.5V or less(inflow current 50mA
Outgoing Line2M/5 Core composite cable
Detection MethodDiffuse Reflection
Detection Distance120~280mm

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