The Most Popular Sensors' Application In AGV

The Most Popular Sensors' Application In AGV

Busy Shuttles and AGV Greatly Improve the Efficiency of Logistics Operations

Laser Obstacle Avoidance Radar AS Series


Lidar is one of the core parts of AGV robots. Akusnse AS series Lidar is based on TOF ranging technology, which has natural advantages in long-distance detection, full-scale accuracy, sampling speed, anti-sunlight and drying, etc., and is more suitable for large scenes and multiple states. According to the requirements of the application, even in an environment with a temperature as low as -20°C, it can reliably complete the work; the range can reach up to 100m, which is a rational choice for industrial AGV and mobile robots.

TOF photoelectric sensor PX series


A small sensor that can be held in the palm of your hand can be easily integrated into the device, giving device engineers greater design freedom. It is widely used in AGV, smart forklifts, and shuttles to prevent collisions during operation. Because it adopts the TOF detection principle, it essentially avoids the detection difficulties that ordinary photoelectric sensors often encounter due to the color, size, and material limitations of the measured object.

Ultrasonic sensor MC30-600NV



If there is completely transparent glass within the moving range of the AGV, then using infrared, lidar or vision solutions may cause detection failures because the light of the sensor passes directly through the glass. At this time, ultrasonic sensors are needed to detect obstacles. .

In the mechanical design of this kind of equipment that requires a lot of components, its small shape can save a lot of space inside, the signal is stable, and the sensing distance can reach up to 6000mm. The ultrasonic detection principle makes its work independent of the measured object The influence of color and dust in the environment.



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