LED die bonder

LED die bonder

In the LED packaging, die bonding and wire bonding are extremely important process, especially the die bonding, the quality of its processing technology has a decisive impact on the performance of LEDs.

In the LED packaging, die bonding and wire bonding are extremely important process, especially the die bonding, the quality of its processing technology has a decisive impact on the performance of LEDs. Under the urging of market demand, LED die bonding machine was born. LED die bonding machine is an automatic equipment that picks LED chips from the chip tray and mounts them on the PCB (printed circuit board) to realize the automatic bonding of LED chips and the inspection of defective chips, which can meet the needs of most LED production assembly, suitable for the production of various high-quality, high-brightness LEDs (red, green, white, yellow, etc.)

As the eyes and ears of the LED die bonder, sensor plays a very important role in improving the efficiency of LED packaging,。

Chips tray position

BGS Photoelectric Sensors


Install a BGS photoelectric on the side of the wafer tray to detect the presence or absence of the wafer. Giving to the color, gross and high level reflective characteristic of the wafer disc, it’s recommend to use BGS photoelectric sensor to relalize the purpose of presence detection of wafer. ESB-30N features with strong anti-interference and high reliability.




Die bonding position

Deep Learning Camera


The vision system of the Die-bonder determines the speed and accuracy of the pickup a chip. Installing a visual camera on the position of the wafer tray and directly above the die-bonding workbench to detect the position of the wafer, substrate and die-bonding point, and realize the function of LED chip positioning and defects detection.The introduction of machine vision enables the equipment to quickly and accurately locate the pick-up position, the position of the wafer to be placed, and the position of dispensing. The motion control system moves the wafer to the bottom of the suction nozzle for operation according to the information fed back by the camera.




Chips tray position

Photoelectric slot sensors


SL series photoelectric slot sensors are mounted on the side of the base of the wafer table to detect the rotation of the wafer base. When the rotation is done within the set range, the slot-type photoelectric sensor will release a signal to indicate the next process. With its excellent chip integrated structure design, 0.01mm detection accuracy, and 0.3ms high-speed response time, SL photoelectric slot sensors are widely used in equipment as "mechanism joints" for limit control.



Equipmen’s door

Proximity inductive sensors


Square proximity inductive sensor TQF18 series are installed to detect the opening and closing of metal doors of the equipment, the sensing distance can reach up to 8mm.




PCB substrate loading

Fiber optic sensor 


In the substrate feeding process, PG1-N, a set diffuse reflection fiber optic sensor is installed to detect the presence of the substrate. The amplifier features with auto light compensation, which make the detection of low reflection possible, the amplifier can adjust the amount of light output when detect tiny or transparent objects, so the detection will not be affected.




Die bonding workbench

Measuring Displacement Sensors


The size of the wafer has an important impact on the performance of the product. On the top of the die-bonder, a samll-spot laser displacement sensor, MLD33 series is installed to detect the height of the substrate and the height of the LED wafer on that substrate. It meets manufacturer’s demands of non-destructive, high-speed, and high-precision online detection. The light spot of MLD33 is smaller than 0.1mm, which can easily achieve the purpose of reliable measurement of tiny targets.




Injuries prevention

Light curtain sensor


A set of economical BKL series light curtains sensor with 6m sensing range is installed in the equipment to prevent any possible injuries from happening. BKL sensor designed with excellent structural and good anti-interference performance, can effectively prevent accidents from causing injury.




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