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Dectect the beverage bottle placement and packaging

It can be used for everage bottle in-position and packaging inspection on food and baverage production lines.

Monitoring on Transport of Pole and Diaphragm

For the detection of pole and diaphragm, fibre optic sensor is used to confirm the loading of these materials; it can be matched to the corresponding types like cylindrical, area matrix, flat holder and other kinds of fibers according to the installation conditions and mechanical operation requirements of the site for application programming.

Detect the battery pack by PTL series

The PTL series can be adapted to detect battery packs in strong light environments.

Detection of PCB board

The PTEW series has a large 13cm spot, covering a wide area. It is suitable for the detection of PCBs, textile materials, mesh items, transparent bodies, trays,etc. It has unique performance advantages in detecting products with irregular shapes, rough surface potholes, holes, broken wires, etc.

Battery unit in place detection

Detect whether the battery unit is in the right place.

Detect whether there is pole piece in the material box

ESL series detects whether there is a pole piece in the material box, and transmit signal for loading instruction.

Detect the presence of loading lithium batteries

It is used to detect the presence or absence of loading lithium batteries. Due tothe vibration of the customer's conveyor belt and mobile platform, the thrubeam photoelectric can ensure the stability of detection.

Use photoelectric sensor to detect battery

The photoelectric sensor PTN series is reliable and can detect dark or highly reflective objects without a reflector, for example Such as battery cells, battery modules and battery pack shells.

Proximity sensor detection package

When the scanning distance is short, the target is made of non-metallic materials, and the response time and positioning accuracy are not very important, the capacitive sensors are a wise choice. The capacitive sensor detects the presence of the package.

Use diffuse reflection photoelectric detection chip

Use diffuse reflection photoelectric detection of wafers to determine the number of wafers.

Detection of grabbed objects

The gripper usually needs to move a lot when picking up objects, so the ideal sensor used must be small and Light, background suppression photoelectric sensors are well suited for this application.

Missing detection of electronic components

Use fiber optic sensors to detect missing parts in the part chute.

Detection of spacing holes on IC board

Combined with the lens unit, the small holes can be accurately detected.

Pass detection of substrate

Check the substrate inside the installation machine. There is no requirement for bending the R5mm light seal installation site.

The glass plate is detected at the furnace outlet

A lens device is installed on the high temperature penetrating fiber to detect the glass plate over long distance.

Check for small holes

Detect whether there are small holes.

Inspection of aluminum cans

Detection of aluminum tank.

Detecting wood

Using flat photoelectric sensor to detect Wood passing.

Workpiece detection

Detect the workpiece of the workpiece feeder groove.

Detect the tablet particles falling from the conveyor belt

The 10mm wide-screen optical fiber PT-10ML can stably detect tablet particles falling on the conveyor belt. If the area where the tablets fall is large (30mm), you can use the wider optical fiber PT-30ML.

Check the presence of gaskets

PT-A10 was used to detect gaskets. Since the width of PT-10A is 20mm, it can be detected without accurate positioning.

line presence or absence detection

Check for broken wires. Using broad light with a wide field of view, the work piece can be detected stably even when it is shaken.

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  • 3C Electronics
  • Automobiles
  • Package
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