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Limit the position of movement of the cylinder connecting rod

The proximity switch is used to detect the up and down movement of the cylinder connecting rod to limit the position.

Control the origin and limit position of the top mechanism

After the material box comes from the transmission line, it arrives at the loading station, and the motor moves the upper material box jig to a predetermined position. During this process, the proximity switch controls the origin and limit position of the upper mechanism.

Cylinder module upper limit

Applied to the upper limit of the cylinder module, the magnetic sensor detects the position of the cylinder to control the lifting and falling of the cylinder.

Detect cylinder position

Applied to the upper limit of the cylinder module, the magnetic sensor detects to control the cylinder position.

Position control such as positioning limit of the motion mechanism module

The motion mechanism of the equipment is complex, and slot sensors with a variety of housing are commonly used in multiple stations of the equipment to perform position control such as positioning and limiting of the motion mechanism module.

Entrance protection of the winding unit

The continuous winding action of the material during the electrode production process may cause danger. The SAF series of safety light curtains can enough to reliably monitor the entrance of the winding unit.

Detect the battery pack by PTL series

The PTL series can be adapted to detect battery packs in strong light environments.

Battery unit in place detection

Detect whether the battery unit is in the right place.

Detect whether there is pole piece in the material box

ESL series detects whether there is a pole piece in the material box, and transmit signal for loading instruction.

Detect the presence of loading lithium batteries

It is used to detect the presence or absence of loading lithium batteries. Due tothe vibration of the customer's conveyor belt and mobile platform, the thrubeam photoelectric can ensure the stability of detection.

Use photoelectric sensor to detect battery

The photoelectric sensor PTN series is reliable and can detect dark or highly reflective objects without a reflector, for example Such as battery cells, battery modules and battery pack shells.

Control the temperature of the mixer

After the positive and negative materials are uniformly mixed by a vacuum mixer, they are stirred into slurry.

Detect the te mperature of the drying oven

The drying box is electrically heated, with uniform heating, precise temperature control and rapid drying.

Detection the bulge of lithium batteries in production

During the battery bulge inspection process, the bulge height is detected to ensure that the batteries does not leak, blemish and avoid the defective products flow into the next step.

Sheet metal thickness detection

ADV-12CK2 can be used to detect the thinckness of the metal sheet.

Electrode coating thickness detection

Based on the characteristics and the high-precision requirements of the battery pole pieces, it is a relatively reliable solution to use a confocal displacement sensor. ADV series spectral confocal can be equipped with two probes at the same time. It is the best choice for online beam detection of pole piece and coating thickness, which is economical, stable and reliable.

Film tension measurement

In the process of processing the membrane into individual electrodes and separator plates, stress must be maintained on the membrane web. cylinder magnetic MR-C8 uses the position of the reversing roller to measure the film tension.

Splicing tape detection

When replacing the roll, the end and the beginning of the two rolls that are next to each other should be connected with splicing tape. colour / the color mark sensor can stably detect the splicing tape so that it can be removed before the film is processed into units.

Multi-sheet detection of separator plate

Ultrasonic MUD series accurately detect the adjacent suspended electrodes and minimize defective products. Electrode and separation,The stacking of the device board is very important for the manufacture of battery cells.

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