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Stamping crank positioning detection

A contact sensor is used to detect the positioning of the stamping crank.

Positioning of safety door of CNC machine tool

Use the contact sensor to detect the position of the safety door of the CNC machine tool to ensure that the safety door is closed when the machine tool is working.

Thrimble reset detection

use MR a series of contact sensors detect whether the ejector pin in the stamping die is reset.

AGV navigation

Installed on both sides of the safety door of the coating machine for safety protection.

Mechanical safety operation protection

Install light curtain sensor to prevent improper operation and reduce accidents at work.

Check the presence of gaskets

PT-A10 was used to detect gaskets. Since the width of PT-10A is 20mm, it can be detected without accurate positioning.

Motor detection

In the production process of the motor, it is ensured that the size of the product is accurate and the shape is error-free.

Automobile brake disc thickness detection

ADV-12CK2 series of spectral confocal sensors can be equipped with dual probes,which can be used to detect the thickness of automobile brake discs online. The confocal sensor adopts the principle of non-contact spectral confocal detection,with fast response speed, non-contact and no damage to the surface of the brake disc.

Security Door Protection

The door magnet MR-D2 monitors the door with protection function, which can be installed flexibly and has excellent operational safety, which can make sure that the running machine stops when the door is opened and can only be started when the door is closed.

Measure the press-in point of stamping parts

Precision measurement, testing the height of the metal parts die casting, precision can reach μ levels.

Measure the size of auto parts

Precisely inspect the height data of each point of auto parts to determine whether they are qualified.

Measuring the height of the screw after tightening

Check whether the screw height after tightening is within the calibration range and the error of screw height.

Assembly inspection of coupling

The contact displacement sensor detects the assembly error of the coupling.

Measure the height of gearbox components

Contact probe can measure the installation flatness of gear and adjust the installation of gear.

Measure the characteristic dimensions of precision machined parts

Measuring the dimensions of precision machined parts.

Detect the wear of small diameter drill bits

The contact sensor detects the abrasion of the cutter head and decides whether to change the cutter.

Check the flatness of the brake pads

Measure the relative position (height) of the front end and brake surface of the metal part PWI (Pad Wear Indicator).

Detect double-layer sheet metal

Detect double-layer metal plates during transportation. MLD22 can measure 12 points at the same time with high speed and accuracy.

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