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Linear module origin detection

The linear sensor is used to detect the origin of the module, which is convenient for installation and accurate positioning.

Positioning of tiny square inductive cylinder

The use of tiny square inductors can detect heights up to 0.05mm The components, and have good repeatability.

Flexible cylinder positioning

In the process of picking and placing components, ultra-thin components are gradually superimposed, and the cylinder sensor can be used to detect Measuring height up to 0.05 mm The components, and have good repeatability.

Use diffuse reflection photoelectric inspection feed fixture

In industrial automation production lines, the restrictive position state of the feeder fixture is critical. With PM18 diffuse reflective photoelectric sensors,detects stablely the feeder fixture in place, thus preventing damage to expensive attachment heads.

Accurate positioning of watch axis

Use the point laser sensor to position the scale of the dial to realize the precise assembly of the dial.

Using precision positioning sensor for glass substrate positioning

Measuring the basic flatness of glass.

Detection of PCB board

The PTEW series has a large 13cm spot, covering a wide area. It is suitable for the detection of PCBs, textile materials, mesh items, transparent bodies, trays,etc. It has unique performance advantages in detecting products with irregular shapes, rough surface potholes, holes, broken wires, etc.

Detection of grabbed objects

The gripper usually needs to move a lot when picking up objects, so the ideal sensor used must be small and Light, background suppression photoelectric sensors are well suited for this application.

Detection of spacing holes on IC board

Combined with the lens unit, the small holes can be accurately detected.

Check for small holes

Detect whether there are small holes.

Workpiece detection

Detect the workpiece of the workpiece feeder groove.

line presence or absence detection

Check for broken wires. Using broad light with a wide field of view, the work piece can be detected stably even when it is shaken.

Detect the integrity of the product in the package

Check whether the product in the package is intact.

3D printer position detection

A 3D printer with an automatic nozzle height positioning system can confirm whether the height of the nozzle meets the requirements of the printing height according to the height data measured by the displacement sensor, and realize the accurate positioning of the nozzle height to prevent the print adhesion or scraping.

Detect the rotation stop to circulate the assembled product

An inductive sensor is used to detect the stop of rotation to cycle the assembled product.

Measure the position of the XY platform

Precision contact positioning sensor for μm level positioning accuracy.

Detect the height difference of resistance before welding

Using the C-MOS sensor background suppression ELS-ZL70 can detect subtle height differences.

Small included angle through beam photoelectric

Detecting the passage of flat items accurately.

Detection of substrate warpage

The laser displacement sensor can accurately detect the warping range of the substrate.

Outside diameter classification detection

Using a wide range of light and two output sensors, the outside diameter of the material is sorted and detected.

Sectors Filter

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